What to Do After a Death?

Transfer of Remains and Declaration of Death in Quebec

If the death occurs at home, the first thing to do is to contact 911 or your family doctor. In Quebec, the medical certificate—the declaration of death—can be filled out on site. Otherwise, arrangements are made for the remains to be transferred to a hospital or the coroner’s office. Once the declaration of death has been issued, it is time to contact the funeral home of your choosing and schedule an appointment to make the necessary funeral arrangements.

Make sure you have the following information on hand when calling:

  • The deceased’s social insurance number
  • The deceased’s place of birth and place of birth registration
  • The names of the deceased’s parents (including the mother’s maiden name)

Death in an institutional setting

If the death occurs in a hospital, a long-term care centre (CHSLD) or any other institution, simply contact us. At  Services Funéraires Azur, we look after obtaining permission to transport the body to the facility in your area once the declaration of death has been signed. The declaration of death for Quebec’s Directeur de l’état civil is completed through your  Services Funéraires Azur counsellor .

Call us  toll free at any time to obtain advice from one of our professionals.