Experiencing a Stress-Free Funeral

If applicable, take the necessary time off work to help you to get through the day as smoothly as possible. Take a moment for yourself, a break to relax before heading to the funeral location. You may want to write or re-read a tribute to the deceased if you plan to do a reading at the funeral home.

Preparing for the ceremony

Review the arrangements for the day: flowers, video, music, snacks, book of condolences, mementos (bookmarks, buttons, photos), etc. Plan to arrive early so that you can be ready to greet visitors.

By your side

The  Services Funéraires Azur  funeral director and their team provide a discreet and attentive presence throughout the funeral ceremony.  We take care of all the technical details in accordance with what was agreed upon when the funeral contract was signed. In addition, we accompany you during the transfer from the funeral home to the church, columbarium or cemetery.

This can be a very trying day, physically and emotionally; the people in attendance can be a great source of comfort. They are there out of love, friendship and respect for the deceased and for you. Don’t hold back—accept the expressions of affection and sympathy they show you.

Rest assured that our staff will do everything in their power to ensure the event goes as smoothly as possible.

Contact us  if you have any questions regarding the day of the funeral.