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Prearrangements payable at time of death.

According to your needs and offering peace of mind.

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Making arrangements in advance is a wise decision to ensure peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones. At Services Funéraires Azur, we offer a unique opportunity to plan your final farewell without any up-front costs.

An informed decision, without stress or pressure

By choosing our services, you free your loved ones from the emotional burden and simplify the financial worries often associated with these delicate moments. By avoiding unexpected costs, you ensure a smooth transition, giving your loved ones space to grieve without financial worries.

What’s more, by planning ahead, you can personalize every aspect of the ceremony to suit your wishes. Whether it’s the choice of coffin, floral arrangements, music or readings, every detail will reflect your history and values, creating a meaningful moment of celebration.

Funeral services contract

Our experienced advisors will guide you through the process, ensuring that your wishes and budget are respected. With our no-cost pre-arrangements, you benefit from meticulous planning payable between the time of death and the delivery of the ashes.

Don’t put off the importance of this crucial step until tomorrow. Opt for prearrangement at Azur Funeral Services and ensure that your last wishes are respected, while preserving the peace of mind of your loved ones.

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