At all times

Before the cremation

When the deceased arrives at the crematorium, the transport attendant places them in the cremation container chosen by the family (cardboard or wood). The attendant must then confirm that the documents authorizing the cremation have been signed by the deceased’s family and that the death certificate has been signed by the physician or coroner before preparing for the cremation.

The cremation

First, the cremation technician ensures they have the right body. When everything is in place, they carry out the cremation. Once the body is in the cremator, it takes about an hour and a half to burn. Then, it takes about two hours for the remains to cool. Afterwards, the technician grinds the remaining bones to ash.

Finally, the ashes are placed in an urn. An identification token inside the urn and the cremation certificate ensure that the deceased is identified at all times.

Please check with Retraite Québec to see if you are eligible for the $2500 to cover your funeral expenses.

  • Quebec area : 418 643‑5185
  • Montreal area : 514 873‑2433
  • Toll-free : 1 800 463‑5185

Returning of the ashes

Following the cremation, an appointment is made for the ashes to be returned to the family. A representative of Services Funéraires Azur delivers the urn containing the ashes as well as the legal documentation to your home.