After the Funeral

Legal Documents and Attestation of Death in Quebec

Once the funeral is over, the funeral director at  Services Funéraires Azur  will give you the documents you need to start the succession (estate) settlement process with a notary.

  • “What to Do in the Event of Death” guide produced by the Quebec government
  • Copy of the death registration from Quebec’s Directeur de l’état civil
  • Attestation of death from the funeral home
  • Cremation certificate

Some of these documents may have been given to you when you signed the funeral services contract.

Prearrangements and will

Afterwards, you’ll need to find out whether the deceased had a funeral prearrangements contract or had expressed their wishes in some other way. If not, family members can be consulted.

A search for a will should be carried out. To learn more about this important step, visit the  Chambre des notaires du Québec ’s website or the  Éducaloi website.

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